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When you leave your home for a week or a month or longer, who looks after things while you’re gone, who ‘minds the store’…?

If you have pets, plants, or a garden, who feeds, waters and tends to everything…?

Are you planning a business trip or a holiday? Perhaps you’re finally taking that extended vacation you’ve always dreamed of. A sabbatical, perhaps.

Do you need someone reliable and trustworthy to manage your home while you’re away?

Look no further. My name is Randy. I’m a professional house and pet sitter.

Personal Background

REW Jacket T-Shirt2By trade, I am a published author, an Emmy-nominated documentarian, a journalist, and a historian. My film and television work has been seen all over the world. I reside (mostly) in Vancouver, British Columbia, but I travel widely. My international pursuits (working online while following my bliss!), have afforded me the opportunity to housesit in many different locations including across the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Vancouver Island, Seattle, California, Japan, Italy and the U.K. I lived in Singapore for a year and looked after more than a half dozen homes while there.

Housesitting provides me with the opportunity to live and work in diverse and unique neighbourhoods, even if isolated. I can work from anywhere in the world provided I have a reliable Internet connection.

My Commitment

No worries while you’re away, and returning to a home that looks and feels the same as when you left. I’m committed to your peace of mind.

I am responsible, reliable, dependable, sensible, and professional. I’m an animal lover, a non-smoker, and most importantly I have the experience… 40-plus years as a housesitter with many repeat engagements and referrals.

For the most part, I do not charge a fee for housesitting. However, each individual housesit is unique – just like your home – and I treat it as such. Any ‘special situation’ that might form a part of my engagement – such as a residence in an isolated locale (it’s happened) – can be sorted out and negotiated up front based on its own circumstances.

I have taken care of all manner of abodes, from modest homes to elaborate dwellings: downtown apartments, lofts, live-work studios, penthouses, beach houses, real estate properties for sale, hinterland retreats, cabins… even boats and yachts; everything from a 5-bedroom house on acreage to a sub-300 sq.ft. ‘tiny home’.

Along with housesitting arrangements, I sometimes have the use of a client’s vehicle (entirely at your discretion).

I have administered pet medications, and handled both routine and emergency pet medical conditions on a variety of animals from cats and newborn kittens, to dogs, rabbits, hamsters, and even a pony.

We can maintain communication during your absence, including regular property/pet/animal status updates via e-mail with photos and/or video (if required or requested).

As a value-added service, I also provide home and away ‘concierge’ administration services (Confidential Estate Management) for clients for a negotiated fee if this would be of interest to you. This can include mail scanning and forwarding, bill payments, bank deposits and transfers, pick-ups and deliveries, etc.

Testimonials and References

Full-text, original versions of these testimonials, as well as excellent written personal references, are available upon request. (Serious enquiries only, please.)

“On two occasions Randy has looked after our house… At first, it was a few weeks away in Turkey… later, for almost 9 months while I was on sabbatical. The house was kept neat and in tip-top shape – plants were watered (and turned – important!), mail was forwarded when need be, and all the usual house chores were handled well. Should anyone need to feel their home is in good hands during time away, you could do no better than to obtain his services.”- KW

“We would recommend him highly, and would also have him housesit again without a second thought. Our cats loved him. In fact, they’re constantly asking about him ;-)…”- B&L

“While I was on an extended business trip/vacation Randy kept the place clean and tidy, managed any regular chores and took in mail and newspapers. Fortunately, there were no security issues during my trip, but it was good to know he was there.” – VE

“I was very happy to have Randy sit house for me during a year I spent working and living abroad. When I returned home it was like I had never left… (he) carefully attended to all of my mail and even a few emergency matters that would have caused me tremendous stress were he not the sort of fellow I could rely on. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to anyone in need of some home ‘TLC’ while they’re away, long or short term.” – TR

“We recently had the pleasant experience of having Randolph Eustace-Walden look after our home while we were on vacation. We were pleased to arrive home… to a house as clean as it was when we left… We’ve had people stay in our house before but this was by far our best experience with a housesitter… Randy is housesitting again for us fairly soon, and if that isn’t a hearty endorsement, I don’t know what is!” – WB

“…(Randy is) responsible, secure, mature and trustworthy… I’m certain anyone requiring (his housesitting services) will be pleased with the results.” – VE

“I have engaged Randolph Eustace-Walden to housesit for me on numerous occasions. Whether for one week or several months, Randy has always done a top-notch job… all done professionally and without any issue… I can rest easy knowing my home is in good hands.” – DM

“…my cat seems quite happy, so that always makes coming home easy. Thanks again for leaving everything ship shape.” – CF

Contact Information

Do you need a housesitter…? Am I exactly what you, or someone you know, is looking for…?

Feel free to contact me anytime at this e-mail address:


If the logistics permit, we can meet face-to-face at your home, or have a conversation via Skype.

It will be my pleasure to be of assistance. Cheers!

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